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Alexa & Sean — Minted




Our Story

Luck? Happenstance? Fate? Divine intervention? Call it what you will, but their paths were meant to cross that night in February 2019. While visiting her friends in Nashville, Alexa and her girls were on Broadway when it was suggested to stop in at FGL House. The idea was almost shot down since a few of the girls had been there before. Sean's band almost took the night off because a few guys were out of town. The ladies came upstairs and the boys found subs. Locking eyes throughout the night, Alexa and Sean knew something was there. Fortunately, before they left, Alexa slipped those digits to Sean. He proceeded to woo her with what could possibly be the greatest pickup line.

For 22 months, they dated long distance - 217 miles or 3 hours and 15 minutes to be exact. The timing could not have been better as she was preparing to apply to graduate school. Over many stress-filled weeks and months, she applied to and was accepted into the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia right here in Nashville. (Go figure!)

Fast forward to the Fall of 2022. Sean finally got his act together and with the help of Alexa's close friends and family, planning for the special day began. Her friends led her to believe they were planning a distillery tour outside of Lexington, Kentucky. All the while, Sean and the girls secretly had the details sorted out. When they arrived for their "tour" and her friends were nowhere to be found, the panic that ensued was the perfect decoy as they were led to the spot. (She had not even noticed the bulky ring box in Sean's back pocket.) With a seemingly camouflaged photographer waiting in the wings, Sean politely informed Alexa that they would not be going on a tour that day. Somewhere between the tears, Alexa said YES and wedding planning commenced!

We're so excited and cannot wait to share our special day with family and friends!